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Idea to increase innovation

In Business by libertythebest

One big idea to make businesses more innovative is to go back to their starting point, the foundation that has built and drives the business and make it open source. The more huge businesses reveal how they work, the more the change for the better they can become. Imagine if coca cola reveals its secret formula? Would that destroy the business or it will allow for significant improvements, many more alterations which can dramatically increase product portfolio, hence increase revenue. What about Microsoft, Bill Gates’ original MS Dos foundation, the code used to produce the worlds most successful operating system. If it is made open source, wont that allow for significant, way more bigger and better alterations. As the future unveils, its time to open up on the foundations of big businesses, make them open source, the power of the crowd is unimaginable, and that is where true innovation is. The Legal frame work will have to adjust, protect the business and at the same time allow it to be open source otherwise the world will keep drinking the same coca cola and wait for big cooperates to unveil upgrades while many more innovative ideas die in the crowd.