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Liberty Tazvivinga introduces the three main factors in launching a successful Continent wide Agribusiness in Africa which are first – the farmers. secondly the consumers and thirdly the investors all included on a single platform, an application aggregating Agriculture analysis, maximizing yields, increasing returns to the farmers just as to the investors, thereby boosting African economy. Bill Gates discusses the same motion on this link,

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The application comes in between farmers, farm produce buyers, farming investors and agriculture sector monitoring and evaluation. there is need to bring good returns to farmers by providing real-time local market prices, and potential international market value, provide useful and relevant information to farmers to understand the weather, soil, latest farming methods and market trends. this will also be of huge benefit to the investors and consumers who both need farming statistics and produce/output when required.

Value of this application is primarily in the agriculture sector, in the hands of the farmers, they will have both a better, competitive market to sell and the relevant information they need to increase efficiency in farming and potential to get investors. The application in the hands of the consumers, they will be better able to find what they need to buy, where it is, measure, quality and price. which means more exposure to farm produce and potentially import from other countries if not locally available. Africa as a whole will start analyzing agriculture trends to find areas to improve and boost local produce as agriculture powers majority African economies

There has never been a truly unique application that caters to the agriculture sector in as much as this one does, its foundation is already competitive as it co-operates all the necessary features that are of dire need to the current farmers and agriculture sector. it is also unique as it is powered by mobile first approach, user centric, real-time, using less machines but delivering invaluable data.

Mobile phone usage is already growing in Africa hence this approach takes technology right into the heart of agriculture where a huge boost is needed

Africa Agriculture

YardAgri APP

By facilitating buyers and sellers, the business model lies in commission based sells, as the application will charge a small fee for every  done via the platform, hence generate revenue. long term sustainability is in the big data the platform will eventually gather, the future is all but about big data. Africa’s Agriculture is the next to enter the worlds market, there are so many farm products that are unique and will attract a lucrative market, hence gather a lot of investors,

“Boosting African economy and sustaining many more lives along the way”

Africa is built by Agriculture, people wake up in the morning to buy vegetables, wheat, maize, etc. The villages and rural areas depend on livestock, this application puts all the sellers online, gives the relevant information farmers need to maximize output, hence giving both the farmers and consumers more value, by so doing, it becomes the one stop platform for consumers to get the best of Africa farm products locally and abroad, which in turn generates revenue by charging a small fee on every sell.

The skeletal structure of the platform will be the same across different countries, however the foundation is flexible to adopt the different products and farming mechanisms across different countries, hence replicating the same unique idea but adapting to different markets. this creates the replicas necessary to scale up the platform from one country to the other.

“Success in one market will aide as a contagious factor to the other markets hence creating a bigger impact.”

main challenge is to get established backing, as a startup sometimes it goes a long way to receive the marketing in the main stream media from established outlets so as to get the necessary momentum to push the platform into many hands, hence prototype it in one local area and expand from there on. the latter is the second main problem

What are your plans for scaling this innovation to another region or country?

After deploying the application in a first country, the deployment will result in a first analysis of market and user reactions, which the developers can use to improve the platform hence adapt to different regions. Increase on localized usability, understand different country, culture, farmer, consumer and investor requirements, hence adapt the front end to better suit other regions and countries. Adopt translations to suite remote areas and their languages, stream line on data consumption the App requires in order to accommodate lower internet speeds, the core framework remains the same as the three main functionalities are the same, only the front end interface will be adapted to different regions and countries hence scaling it up, potentially cover the whole of Africa within few years. Deploy servers and localized wiki sites to support regional requirements that underlie on the main core framework that is

“based on cloud and big data infrastructure.”

What is the uniqueness of your innovation from competition?

The main unique attribute of YardAgri application is that it creates a uniform single platform, linking farmers, consumers and investors directly, cutting on middlemen and hurdles that the current Agriculture business in Africa faces. By both crowdsourcing relevant and substantial information investors require and providing real time information the farmers need to maximize yield and returns, both parties will engage way better and boost production in this critical sector. Consumers in the process, will receive better Agriculture products and understand healthy and nutritious ways of living. Availability of information on its own, has tremendous benefits across the continent, sometimes even neighbor countries don’t know exact yields and types of crops used. New farmers need to know geographical data and better farming methods.

“Accumulation of all this data and market trends will form trends that investors can better understand just as much as farmers will produce greater yields.”

Outline Five (5) Key marketing strategies for your innovation?

This app is already unique serving a critical need to boost Africa-Agriculture, its posed to take market by storm without much effort but serving peoples needs. Main marketing strategy is on farmers need for critical data which many Governments will be glad to help provide hence the App will be riding on a smooth headwind to success. The relatively big need for investors for up to date Agriculture (yield, costs, sales) trend analysis is the second key point which is very appealing to investors in the continent and internationally. By filling this huge gap of information the App will become more than necessary as a key component in investing in Africa’s Agriculture. The third strategy is appealing to consumers who are in dire need to get better Agriculture products. Fourth point is as mentioned marketing Africa Agri-business and fifth point is

“Promoting healthy and nutritious living”